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Religious Studies

Course Leader:Miss Sarah Crummy

Religious Studies is a new and up and coming subject within the John Warner School. The course offer a choice of different religions, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of diverse philosophical and ethical viewpoints. Students will gain critical and evaluative skills which are sought by higher education and employers – particularly in

Law, education, social work, politics, medicine, administration and the media.

AQA Religious Studies is a Linear A level (meaning all exams are at the end of year 13 and will account for 100% of your overall grade).

Component 1: Philosophy of religion & ethics

In this unit the course examines both Philosophical and Ethical dilemmas. Within Philosophy topics such as Religious Experience, Miracles and Life after Death are evaluated. Within Ethics you will learn ethical theories in order to apply these to real life moral dilemmas later in the course. You will also look at topics such as Free Will and Conscience. 

This will be examined at the end of year 13 in a 3 hour exam, accounting for 50% of your A Level.

Component 2: Study of Religion and dialogues

Within this unit you will focus on one of the six major world religions (Christianity), and within this religion some of the following topics are covered; Religion, gender and sexuality; Religion and Science; Religion and Secularisation; Religion and Religious Pluralism. You will examine and critically evaluate the influence the religion has had on the relative topics.

This will be examined at the end of year 13 in a 3 hour exam, accounting for 50% of your A Level

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