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Course Leader:Miss Deanne Tucker
BEd, BMus

GCE A Level

Music is an exciting and enjoyable A Level which is generally a requirement for all Music courses at university. Music is a well-respected subject alongside your other options even if you’re not considering a music degree. The course encompasses performance, listening and analysis, knowledge and understanding and opens up new areas of the subject which are not covered at GCSE. You will study all kinds of music – from opera to jazz – and have the opportunity to play your own instruments (or voice) in a more advanced setting. The range of options is incredible.

As well as performing, you will also be able to choose options that match your own abilities, interests and talents. The course promotes a wide academic and practical understanding of music, providing you with an opportunity to study more about the theoretical aspects of the subject.

You will have the chance to regularly perform solo, in ensembles at school concerts and in annual school productions, as well as organising your own musical events as part of the course, both inside and outside school. Music sixth form pupils act as music leaders around the school promoting and being a part of various events throughout the year.

In order to take the A Level Music course, it is a requirement to have taken the GCSE Music course and achieve at least a B. A familiarity with aspects of music theory prior to the start of the course is an advantage.


Units 1 and 4 Performing

Units 2 and 5 Composing

Units 3 and 6 Exam based on set works and theory

BTEC Level 3 (Performance)

The BTEC Edexcel Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music (Performance) is much more practical based than the A level Music course and works towards providing you with a programme of learning in Music focused speci´Čücally on performance. It allows you to develop as a musician, expanding both solo and ensemble performance skills towards the levels required for a career in the music industry. It will give you a more practical understanding of the vital skills to start a professional career in the music industry or move on to further study, and an insight into employment opportunities available, and if you are already in employment, to move on to a more important position within the industry. The course is ideal for students who are looking to take their musical abilities further through performing and open to being creative with various styles of music. GCSE is not a requirement for the BTEC Music course, although previous musical background on an instrument is necessary.

You will be provided with opportunities to:


  • Perform within bands and develop solo skills
  • Develop your performance ability and instrumental skills
  • Improve your practice routine and ear training
  • Evaluate modern music practices and develop an understanding of the modern music industry.


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