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Course Leader:Mr Jeremy Scott

A Level history helps you understand the value and significance of world events in the past. In the process you’ll gain a deeper understanding of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. Knowing how people lived in the past helps to understand why people act like they do today.


You will follow the Edexcel History syllabus. This is made up of 4 units, 3 of which are examined at the end of year 13 (units 1, 2 and 3) and one which is the coursework element (unit 4).


Unit 1: In Search of the American Dream: the USA, 1917-1996

In this unit students will learn about the dramatic political, economic and social transformation of the USA in the twentieth century, an era that saw the USA challenged by the consequences of political, economic and social inequalities at home and of its involvement in international conflict. This option also contains a study in depth: what impact the Reagan presidency had on the USA in the years 1981–96.

Unit 2: South Africa, 1948-1994: from apartheid to ‘rainbow nation’

In this unit students will study South Africa during its transition from white minority rule to the free elections of 1994, a long, and at times, dramatic process in which South Africa changed from an apartheid state into a multi-racial democracy. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the creation and consolidation of the apartheid regime by the National Party and the response and methods used by their political opponents in the struggle to overthrow apartheid, as well social, economic and cultural changes that accompanied this process.

Unit 3: Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485-1603

In this unit students explore the nature of rebellion and disorder under the Tudors and the way the various challenges were met, the nature of change in government over the period and the changing relationship between the Crown and key sections of society. The option enables students to explore the way in which, despite a shaky start, the Tudors were able to establish their dynasty as one of the most powerful England has seen. 

Unit 4: Coursework

The purpose of this coursework is to enable students to develop skills in the analysis and evaluation of interpretations of history in a chosen question, problem or issue as part of an independently researched assignment. Students will be required to form a critical view based on relevant reading on the question, problem or issue. They will also be specifically required to analyse, explain and evaluate the interpretations of three historians.

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