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Course Leader:Miss Eleanor Golland

German is a crucial language for business, science, culture, and is a key to Eastern Europe. Germany is the UK’s second largest trading partner, after the USA. From cars to toasters, phones to DIY tools, German made products from companies such as Siemens, BMW or Bosch are all around us. German language skills will throw the doors open on a whole new world of culture. Berlin is, of course, one of the most exciting cities in the world but right across the country you can enjoy Germany’s massive contribution to art, design, film and theatre.


Paper 1: Listening, reading and translation based on four society and culture-related themes. Section A is a listening assessment based on a recording, featuring male and female speakers. Students will respond to comprehension questions based on a variety of contexts and sources. Section B is a reading assessment based on a variety of text-types and genres where students will have to respond to comprehension questions. Section C is an unseen passage to be translated from German to English.


Paper 2: Written response to works and translation based on the study of two books and/or films. Section A is an unseen passage to be translated from German to English. Section B students must write two extended responses on either two different literary texts studied or one text and one film. They select one question from a choice of two.


Paper 3: Speaking. Students will be assessed on their ability to use a range of language accurately, communicate and interact effectively, summarise and analyse findings from written sources relating to their research subject, and show knowledge and understanding about the culture and society where the language is spoken.

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