The John Warner School

Design and Technology

Course Leader:Mrs Gillian Cameron
BSc (Hons) PGCE

This course builds upon the successful key stage 4 GCSE to deliver Design and Technology in a flexible and exciting way. It allows students to explore creativity and innovation in a free and dynamic environment. The main objective of the course is to get you to work and think like a

designer; and to develop your understanding of what design is about in the wider sense. You will develop an awareness of the impact of design upon the world and its importance in improving the quality of all our lives, by looking at design through the concepts of the built environment and architecture.

The work will be done through the Design Process, which will give you strategies that can support any career path and complements the full range of other subjects the school has to offer. You will learn further communication and ICT techniques, as well as skills to help you realise your ideas and concepts, encouraging the development of independent learning and study.

At The John Warner School we mainly follow a graphics and model making route, based around the concept of Urban design, which is introduced at key stage 4, but this course does give you access to any field of design Post-18.

Through short and long projects we will be exploring design and allowing you to apply what you are learning throughout the course. You will learn about different products, systems and environments and their purpose as well as how they address people’s needs. There will be ample opportunity to explore your own interests in design as we can tailor a number of units to meet your specific needs.

It is a valuable qualification to those who wish to pursue a career in any area of this subject. The course has project work which counts as 50% of the final grade and an examination (50% of the final grade) and is open to all students, even if you have not taken the subject previously. So long as you have a genuine interest in design and have done some creative work before, you will find the experience both challenging and rewarding.


  • Overseas residential trips have previously travelled to Barcelona 2013 and a planned trip to Venice and Milan in 2017 to allow students to explore a range of art, culture, and architecture and experience
  • European galleries and artists.
  • Life drawing classes
  • We encourage our A level students to get involved with lower school art clubs at lunchtimes and to become ambassadors for the subject area.

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