The John Warner School

Sixth Form study

General advice

Studying in the Sixth Form will involve a great deal of time spent in independent study. You will need to take responsibility for your own learning.

This will involve you working at home in the evenings and at weekends. You must learn to manage your time effectively as it is now required that you are in 540 hours of study per year.

It is a good idea to make a homework timetable at the start of the year so that you make sure you are spending enough time on your work as well as giving yourself time to spend on other activities.

You may start a part time job, but make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your academic studies.

You will have time on your timetables when you are not in lessons; these are not free periods but time when you should be studying independently. It is recommended that you spend 4-5 hours of independent study for each subject per week.

Some study periods may be supervised study in the Sixth Form Study Centre, where a member of staff is available if you require help.

You will need to plan your study time carefully to make sure you meet deadlines and don’t fall behind with your work.

You will also need to organise where you go to study.

Your attitude to learning is EXTREMELY important.

Positive feelings will help brain cells connect which improves learning.

Your brain learns valuable information faster if it is important.

So, think - what will I get out of learning?

 It might be going to college or university; good job prospects; an apprenticeship; improving your future; a good career; improving your confidence or proving to yourself that you can do it!

Give yourself short term and long term goals.

Make sure you give yourself rewards for short term goals. Do something you enjoy, such as going to the cinema; going out for a meal; spending time with friends etc.

A short-term goal could be completing a piece of coursework so that you are free for the weekend.

Build up your confidence by setting short achievable targets which will help create a positive attitude to learning.

A long-term goal may be working towards a place at university or college.

Regularly remind yourself of your long term and short term goals.

People who lose motivation usually lack confidence, direction and focus but this can be overcome by using the above simple techniques.

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