The John Warner School

School Governors

Our Governing Body is headed up by Fiona Ives, Chair of Governors. If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors, please write to her c/o The John Warner School. As at 14 September 2016

Fiona Ives, Partnership

Mario Castiglione, Partnership

Tony Lebaigue, Parent

John Manitara, Parent

Kay Puttock, Parent

Graeme Dykes, Parent

Stephen Harvey, Community

Peter Cuffaro, Community

Tim Hutchings, Community

Simon Robinson, Teaching Staff

Angharad Edwards, Teaching Staff

Michelle Jaggs, Support Staff

Sarah Hurwood, Community Governor

Bernard Barker, Vice-Chair Governor

Jennie Rich, Associate Governor

Seb Randazzo, Associate Governor Head Boy

Callie Winch, Associate Governor Head Girl

Matthew Briscoe, Teaching Staff

Fran Cacciatore, Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Fiona Ives
Chair of Governors
Mrs Fiona Ives
Chair of Governors

Our Chair of Governors is Fiona Ives. Fiona can be contacted in writing c/o The John Warner School.