The John Warner School

Lunch Menus

Our dining hall is run by Rebecca Clements from Hertfordshire Catering. Rebecca ably manages of team of ten staff who cater for our staff and students.

The dining hall opens at 8am each morning for breakfast, and then again at break and lunchtimes. A tuck shop is also available at the end of school.

The meal of the day (shown below) is rotated over three weeks and includes a large variety of foods with a vegetarian option included for each meal. 

Students can also choose from healthy salads, jacket potatoes, pasta, sandwiches, rolls, wraps, fast food, ready meals, fresh fruit, snack pots, yoghurts, cakes and cookies.

The school does not offer any fizzy drinks but various flavours of bottled waters and juices are on offer. Free water is also readily available around the school site. 

Students are offered hot chocolate, soups and ice creams on a seasonal basis and the staff often run special 'themed' days which are advertised internally.