The John Warner School

Exam Results

Key Stage 4 Results - 2017

Please see the document below to get more information on changes to GCSE grades (in English and Mathematics this year)

Students react to brilliant results

Year 11 students and staff at The John Warner School are celebrating a fantastic set of examination results. Staff at the school have been busy helping decipher the new qualifications as well as signing students up for the Sixth Form.

The students have performed highly across the board in both English and mathematics responding thoughtfully and resiliently to the rigors and challenges of the new GCSEs.

Other high performing subject areas at GCSE included the sciences, humanities and languages while BTEC success was recorded in engineering, business studies, hospitality and child care.

Mr Dave Allman, Co-Headteacher commented that “our students have always been highly aspirational and these results set them on a strong path to fulfil their ambitions in the future.”

Notable individual high performers include: Amber Amoo-Gottfried 999A*A*A*A*Di*Di*AA, Tabitha Dunthorne 998A*A*A*A*A*A*AC, Nicole Tilby 988A*A*A*A*AABB, Rachel Jackson 886A*A*A*A*Di*Di*ABC, Grace Diez 866A*Di*Di*AAAAA, Trinity Blackham 775A*A*A*A*AAC, Emily Anderson 887A*AAABBB, Joe Bonomo 865A*Di*Di*AAAB, Dolsie Pyman 985A*AABBB and Scott Bowyer 865A*Di*Di*ADiDiBC.

Key Stage 5 Results - 2017

Sixth Form students celebrate

Post 16 Examination Results 2017

Sixth Form students at The John Warner School in Stanstead Road, Hoddesdon are celebrating the best set of results in the school’s history.

Results in both A Level qualifications and BTEC Level 3 courses were strong across the board with 50% of entries achieving grade A*-B. High performing A Levels included history, sociology, further mathematics, philosophy and ethics and geography. The top BTEC results were in design, engineering, music, performing arts (drama), science and sport.

Many students have secured places at prestigious universities, professional apprenticeships or places of work. Students were supported today by a large group of support staff and teaching staff who opened the doors of the school at 07:00 to ensure the necessary help could be given.

Co-Headteacher, Mr Jeremy Scott said “we are exceptionally proud of this group of students who have performed at a very high level. They have shown great determination and endeavour to manage the demands of sixth form study, including, for many, the challenges of new A Level courses. We are delighted that so many have gone off to their first choice universities or have secured jobs and apprenticeships in some exciting places of work.”

Some notable high performers include:

Jodie Fromage A*A*A*A Pembroke College, Oxford - Mathematics

Harry Dickens A*A*A Bristol University - Physics

Rocco Cuffaro A*A*B Nottingham University - Physics

Sam Burrows Di*AA Leeds University - Economics and Finance

Sandeep Bhurji A*A*AC Imperial College - Physics

Maddie Sanz AAA UCL - Medicine

Millie Smith A*A*C Birmingham - History

Seb Randazzo AAB LSE - Economic History

Callie Winch AAB UCL - Anthropology

Joshua Hersant ABB Kent University - Forensic Science

Michael Pieridies ABB Southampton University - Law

Joshua Smith ABB Newcastle University - Sociology