The John Warner School

Lifelong Learning

Course Leader:Mrs Charlotte Cringle

The development of our pupils as well rounded citizens who are able to cope with the pressures of living in the 21st Century is of incredible importance. The Lifelong Learning programme aims to equip pupils with the skills that they need to be successful both personally and academically in life. It addresses some core concerns for young people such as mental health issues and financial pressures and equips them with the knowledge and understanding to be able to make more informed decisions as they move through to adulthood.

The priority is to ensure that the Lifelong learning programme is embedded within the KS3 curriculum and that the programmes of study are adaptable, flexible and reflective of current situations. 

We are passionate about ensuring that alongside our outstanding academic results our pupils are also equipped with the skills necessary to be incredibly successful as citizens in the 21st century. I therefore think it is essential that we dedicate time to developing our pupil’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding through our Lifelong Learning Programme. If our pupils are to be successful in the competitive markets of the workplace they need to also be resilient, financially savvy and have well developed thinking skills. If they are to be successful as responsible adults then they need to be knowledgeable about the importance of health, be able to manage social situations effectively and have an understanding of the world in which we live in.

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