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Physical Education (Core)

Physical Education

PE (Core)

Course Description

In Year 10 you will take part in some of the same sports which you learnt about in Years 7, 8 and 9 and will also be able to take part in new activities such as dodge ball, power lifting, circuit training, aerobics and a range of other activities.  In Year 11 you will follow fewer sports, but to a greater depth. These sports will be a completely ‘free’ choice for you.

Core physical education will also give you the opportunity to develop your leadership and officiating skills, and you can gain external qualifications in both coaching and refereeing/umpiring if you want.

Assessment Format

Students will be assessed by their PE teacher in a number of the activities which they participate in. In each activity the teacher will be looking for the following:

  • The development of skills in physical activity.
  • The ability to make and apply decisions.
  • The development of physical and mental capacity.
  • The ability to make informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles



Course Description

This GCSE course is made up of four components as set out below:

Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems

Applied anatomy and physiology

Movement analysis

Physical training

Use of data


Component 2: Health and Performance

Health, fitness and well-being

Sport psychology

Socio-cultural influences

Use of data


Component 3 and 4: Practical Performance

Skills during individual activities

Skills during team activities

Analysis of proposed PEP

Carrying out and monitoring the PEP

Evaluation of the PEP



Assessment Format




1 – Fitness and Body Systems

Multiple choice, short answer and extended answer questions

1 hour and 45 minutes

90 marks


2 – Health and Performance

Multiple choice, short answer and extended answer questions

1 hour and 15 minutes

70 marks


3 – Practical Performance

Students complete three practical activities from a set list:

·         One must be a team activity

·         One must be an individual activity

·         The final can be a free choice from the activity list

The assessment also consists of students producing a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) and analysing and evaluating their performance

90 marks


4 – Personal Exercise Programme

20 marks




Sport Science

Course Description

This course is a sports science level 2 qualification and on successful completion is equivalent to one GCSE at A* to C grade.

The course is a single option running over two years during key stage 4 that will also use core physical education lessons to supplement the course.

Assessment Format

The modular structure does not include assessment by examinations, however, there is an online test which must be taken. The rest of the assessments are coursework with work sampling by external assessors being the means of ensuring that standards are maintained.

Three units are studied over two years. Each unit has equal value and all must be passed for the full diploma to be awarded. Units can be gained at three levels, pass, merit or distinction which provides the opportunity for students to put in the extra work needed and achieve higher grades.

Three of the following six units will be studied:

  • Preparation for sport
  • The sports industry
  • Practical sport
  • Health, safety and injury
  • The body in sport
  • Planning and leading sports activities


Miss Tara Haddock