The John Warner School

Curriculum Subjects

The school is committed to providing our students with a broad and balanced education which provides equality of opportunity for all students, through a range of curricular and extra-curricular experiences.

The curriculum should enable students to shape their world through the following:

  • Growth in personal confidence
  • A receptiveness to expression
  • The opportunity to work in teams and groups
  • The facility to be creative
  • The challenge of responsibility
  • A clear and practical moral framework
  • The opportunity to make informed choices
  • A respect for person, community and environment
  • The experience of success and celebration of achievement

The website provides information about all of the different areas of the school curriculum in terms of subjects taught and the other opportunities that are available to our students.

Each of these areas contains detailed information on our faculties.

Art, Design, Technology and Photography

English, Music and Drama


Lifelong Learning


Modern Foreign Languages

Physical Education

Professional Studies