The John Warner School

Curriculum Subjects

The school is committed to providing our students with a broad and balanced education which provides equality of opportunity for all students, through a range of curricular and extra-curricular experiences.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, tailored to meet the demands of our five core values: aspiration; endeavour; respect; creativity and participation.


We are committed to a curriculum that:

  • Maintains a programme of development that seeks to constantly improve the standards of achievement across the school;
  • Has the highest expectations of all our students and teachers;
  • Provides a rigorous academic and vocational curriculum that is challenging, enriching and accessible to all.


We are committed to a curriculum that:

  • Sets challenging targets for students;
  • Celebrates and encourages the importance of grit and determination to improve achievement;
  • Prepares students for the academic demands of national examinations and assessments.


We are committed to a curriculum that:

  • Promotes students’ spiritual, moral and cultural development and the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance;
  • Helps students grow in personal confidence and encourages them to believe in their limitless potential;
  • Promotes relationships in classrooms that facilitate and maximise learning.


We are committed to a curriculum that:

  • Facilitates creative opportunities in all subject areas;
  • Recognises the importance of the arts;
  • Explores opportunities for innovation and expression.


We are committed to a curriculum that:

  • Provides opportunities for students to work in teams;
  • Differentiates between the varying learning needs of our students to ensure accessibility;
  • Recognises the importance of formal and informal opportunities both inside and outside the normal school day.

Our key stages

Key Stage 3

In the Lower School (Years 7 and 8), students follow a rich and varied range of subjects closely aligned to the National Curriculum. The core subjects of English, mathematics and science are taught alongside the foundation subjects of art, drama, design and technology, French, geography, German or Italian, history, ICT, Lifelong Learning, music, PE and religious studies. Students also have enrichment opportunities to study Spanish or Mandarin.

Key Stage 4

Students at The John Warner School start their GCSE and BTEC courses at the beginning of Year 9 and complete qualification at the end of Year 11. Compulsory elements at key stage 4 are English (English Language and Literature), mathematics and science. Students either take separate sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) or the Science Trilogy GCSE. Students then opt for an additional 4 subjects. The majority of our students are expected to opt for either history or geography and a modern foreign language (French, German, Italian or Spanish).  A further 14 subjects are available for students to choose from. The provision of Lifelong Learning, including compulsory aspects of religious education and PSHE, is delivered through form periods and specific enrichment days.

Key Stage 5

Students joining our Sixth Form follow A Level and BTEC courses in Years 12 and 13. Students typically study 3-4 subject areas from a choice of 26. On top of their regular studies, students in the Sixth Form also follow an enrichment qualification in either finance or the extended project. The provision of Lifelong Learning, including compulsory aspects of religious education and PSHE, is delivered through form periods and specific enrichment days.

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map shows timetabled lessons only and does not include twilight options or enrichment opportunities.

The number of 50 minute periods per week is shown for each subject.



Key to Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map

Art, Design, Technology and Photography

English, Music and Drama


Lifelong Learning


Modern Foreign Languages

Physical Education

Professional Studies