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Student Blog: Sarcasm

Student Blog: Sarcasm

Monday 20th March  

Sarcasm is amazing, isn’t it? (Nooooo).  

Don’t you just love people blatantly lying right in front of your face for their on amusement? I really, really do! (Not).

Or do I?  

I don’t know, sarcasm is just so confusing.  

Let me be clear: some people may just take it as a joke, but others, like me, find it the most irritating, annoying thing on Earth. I mean, why can’t people just speak normally rather than having to use the old ‘Nahh’ or ‘Oh really’ after most phrases. I just think to myself sometimes, ‘Why?’  

A few weeks ago, in my science class, I asked my friend an innocent question. I said, ’Is it bad that I only just found out a mirror was called a mirror is called a mirror because it mirrors whatever is in front of it?’ and for a reply I got, ’Oh really I didn’t know that’ whilst he was laughing. Maybe I should have known, but I was just really confused as to why he said that and a bit sad too.  

Perhaps the biggest issue is that my Dad is in on this sarcasm thing. A few days ago we were sitting on the sofa watching Match of the Day and he asked me what the thing he was holding was, so I replied with ’It’s the remote, Dad’. So he said, ‘Nahh, no way! I never knew that, must have taken a genius to work that out.’ Hilarious, isn’t he?  Of course he was joking, but why bother? It doesn’t make you clever, especially when you’re an adult (teachers take note).  

Another example of this (thankfully it hasn’t happened to be personally yet…) but in class sometimes, if someone doesn’t know the answer and it’s kind of obvious, it seems like the whole class swarms them laughing and saying ‘Oh wow that was so easy, how didn’t you get it?’ I just feel sorry for them; it must be so embarrassing.  

I hear sarcasm everywhere now, even down the high street, in shops, in schools, and I just wonder why is everyone saying it? Is it cool? Did I not get the memo that sarcasm is now is going to take over the world in an instant? And from this people are going to say ‘Nooooo, you didn’t get the memo’ in the most sarcastic voice, just to have a laugh at my expense.  

As this sarcasm thing is seemingly unstoppable, it won’t be long until you go to the sweet shop and ask if a jelly snake is 20p and they say ‘Nahh’. It will be so confusing – are they saying yes or no? It just gets confusing don’t you think?  Perhaps I should read the memo…  I hope there are people out there like me that can relate to me with this sarcasm thing.  I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t like it, probably because everyone can do it and I’m just left alone suffering from the sarcasm.  

So, try not to use sarcasm. It’s not big or cool, it’s just annoying and uncalled for.  

Sarcasm, annoying isn’t it?  

Jonny Scott, Year 

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