The John Warner School

In Year Admissions

If you would like your child to join The John Warner School outside of the normal admissions round, please complete an In Year Application Form available from the school or by downloading from the list below. The completed application form and all relevant documentation should be returned to Mrs Jennie Rich, Admissions Officer at The John Warner School. Admissions for each year group are allocated in accordance with the relevant over subscription criteria. If there are no vacancies, children will be placed on the continuing interest list for the appropriate year group. Any vacancies are filled from the list in accordance with the relevant over subscription criteria and not according to the date the application was received.

A continuing interest list will be maintained until the end of the current academic year when all parent/carer(s) will be written to asking if they wish to remain on the list.

For information on which schools in the area have places available, you should contact the local authority, Hertfordshire County Council, please follow this link for further information, or you can telephone them on 0300 123 4043.

The school will notify the Local Authority of your application. They will then write to you with necessary log in details and passwords to enable you to lodge an appeal if desired. Appeals resulting from in-year admission applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. For further information, please visit www.hertsdirect.org/schoolappeals